Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Sarah Jane Adventures Quiz

In the run up to the fourth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, the BBC have announced that their annual 'red button' quiz will return on 18th October.

Press your red button after the show and test your knowledge in the Sarah Jane Adventures Quiz. Watch clips from the show and answer questions put to you by the Bannerman Road Gang. Test your memory and observational skills and if you make the grade you can go to the SJA website and download a special certificate saying you have the passed the "Red Button" level of the Sarah Jane Academy.

Mon 18th October, 7:00am-7:00pm
Tue 19th October, 7:00am-7:00pm
Wed 20th October, 7:00am-7:00pm
Thu 21st October, 7:00am-7:00pm

Tue 19th October, 5:40pm-7:00pm
(Not available on Freesat or Virgin)

(Source: BBC Internet Blog)


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