Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mark Sheppard cast in US Doctor Who episodes

Actor Mark Sheppard, know for various roles in shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Medium, Supernatural and Warehouse 13, has been cast in the sixth series of Doctor Who.

Sheppard will guest star in the Steven Moffat-penned opening two-parter of the series, which will be partly filmed and set in Utah.

The following press release by ValleyCon 36 confirmed the news: “We had just booked Mark’s airline tickets a week ago when less than 12 hours later he got the dream job of any kid who grew up in England-and many kids here too. He landed a huge role in the new Doctor Who but they needed him there the next day. There was no way we were going to stand in the way of that and so Mark took the job but with his deepest apologies. We will try to work out an appearance with him in the future and wish him great luck with Doctor Who!”

Production on the episodes is due to begin in Cardiff shortly. Utah location work will take place in mid-November.

(Source: SFX)


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