Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Freema Agyeman talks Torchwood

Actress Freema Agyeman, best known for her portrayal as Martha Jones in Doctor Who and Torchwood, has spoken to Speakeasy about a possible return to the role.

Any chance you’ll return to “Torchwood” or the “Doctor Who” universe?
I’m always in touch with Russell. He’s really supportive; believe it or not, the first person I heard from about the job was Russell. Just because I’m now no longer doing his project, but of course, doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. It’s great to work with people that are professional and understand the way things go. We keep up, but since I’m about to start another series of “Law & Order” here, that will keep me busy.

The fourth series of Law & Order: UK is currently airing on Thursdays, 9.00pm, ITV1.

(Source: Speakeasy)


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