Saturday, September 11, 2010

John Fay on Torchwood: The New World

John Fay, who has been appointed as a writer on the next series of Torchwood, has spoken to Scyfi Love about his "excitement" for 'The New World' and discusses the controversial death of Ianto Jones.

“I’m very excited about The New World.

“Like anything in life you can rest on your laurels, or you can try to push on again and achieve something new. That is what Russell has done. On Children of Earth he had a very clear and defined vision, but what he has outlined for The New World is equally, if not more ambitious than before.

“I’m very proud of CofE and it was one of the few things I have been involved with when I watched the DVDs and thought ‘this is good’. Normally I look for flaws.

“It is early days for The New World, but having met the other writers and talked to Russell, I’ve every reason to think we’ll get somewhere close to where we were before.”

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