Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doctor Who - Desktop Patrol Dalek

The latest edition of (ridiculous) Doctor Who merchandise is a 'Desktop Patrol Dalek'.

Patrols your desktop for hours, never falling off or bumping into anything!

Simply turn on the 8cm Dalek and place it on your desktop (or other flat surface). The robot has inbuilt sensors that detect the ground in front of it, and will turn away from the edge of the desk or any object, hence continually patrol your desktop!

At each and every turn the Dalek says 'Exterminate!' - this function can optionally be turned off, if you prefer it to patrol in silence.

* 8cm tall Robotic Dalek, requires 3 x AG13 batteries (included)
* 3 x AG13 spare batteries
* Full instructions for use

The item will be released on 29th October 2010 at the RRP of £17.99.



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