Monday, September 13, 2010

A Brief Guide to Doctor Who

The cover and details for the publication of a new Doctor Who book have surfaced online. The unofficial book, entitled "A Brief Guide to Doctor Who", is written by Mark Campbell and covers the past 47 years of the world's greatest TV programme.

"Dr Who" is now officially the most popular drama on television. From humble beginnings on 23rd November 1963 and eventual resurrection in 2005, the show has always been a quintessential element of British popular culture. Ten Doctors, a multitude of companions, and a veritable cornucopia of monsters and villains: Doctor Who has it all. "The Brief Guide to Dr Who" puts all the first ten Doctors under the microscope with facts, figures and opinions on every Doctor Who story televised. There are sections on TV, radio, cinema, stage and internet spin-offs, novels and audio adventures, missing episodes, and an extensive website listing and bibliography. It is the essential guide for all completists and fans.

The book is due for release by Robinson Publishing on 24th March 2011 at the price of £7.99.

(Source: Amazon)


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