Sunday, August 8, 2010

Torchwood Comic #01 - Signed Forbidden Planet Exclusive

Forbidden Planet now have in stock an exclusive signed version of the debut Torchwood comic, which is co-written by John Barrowman.

This special debut issue features a story written by Captain Jack himself! Actor John Barrowman (along with his sister, Carole) brings you the story of 'The Selkie', as mysterious deaths strike a remote Scottish island.

Art is provided by acclaimed artist Tommy Lee Edwards, currently working with UK star Jonathan Ross on the Image comic series, Turf .

In the second half of the comic, we bring you part one of a special five-part story, as Jack, Gwen and Ianto becomes trapped in a cosmic hotel!

Plus, an old villain from the TV series returns... "Broken" is by Torchwood TV script editor Gary Russell and artist Adrian Salmon.

Click HERE to order the comic online at the price of £3.99.


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