Sunday, August 29, 2010

Doctor Who - Action Figure Gift Set - Revenge of the Cybermen

Toy manufacturer Character Options have produced yet another exclusive Doctor Who action figure set for Forbidden Planet.

Join the inimitable Tom Baker and encounter 'The Revenge of the Cybermen' with this outstanding gift set from Forbidden Planet. Bring back fond Doctor Who memories onboard Space Station Nerva as bodies abound, Sarah Jane gets terrorized by Cybermats and the Fourth Doctor ends up turned into a Cyberbomb!

These exclusive figures of the the Cyber Leader and his two Cybermen Mark V buddies stand approximately 5" tall and arrive complete with a little Cybermat so you can get any Sarah Jane's screaming!

Volga must be destroyed before The Cybermen conquest of the galaxy can begin again!

The item is expected at Forbidden Planet's warehouse on 17 November 2010. Click HERE to order online at the pre-order price of £29.99.


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