Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Alexander Armstrong on The Sarah Jane Adventures

Alexander Armstrong, the voice of 'Mr Smith' in The Sarah Jane Adventures, has recently spoken to Digital Spy about his return to the show in the fourth series.

You also voice Mr. Smith in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Have you worked on the fourth series yet?
"Yes. This very afternoon, I'm heading back into town to voice more."

Are there any hints you can give on what's coming up?
"There's some brilliant things coming up. I've done the first four episodes, which were great. Luke (Tommy Knight) goes off to Oxford University and there's some intrigue surrounding that. There's a nasty nightmare creature. And K-9 goes off with Luke - there's a very sweet moment between Mr. Smith and K-9. They sort of admit their grudging respect for each other."

Would you ever like to appear on-screen in Sarah Jane or maybe Doctor Who?
"Yeah, I'd love to. I'd give my eye-teeth to do that!"

Series four of The Sarah Jane Adventures will be broadcast in BBC One/CBBC in the autumn.

(Source: Digital Spy)


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