Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 424

The cover and details for Doctor Who Magazine, issue 424, which is due to be published on Thursday 22nd July 2010 at the regular price of £4.20.

Biggest Bang Ever!
Join us for the aftermath of the Big Bang! Director Toby Haynes takes DWM readers through the making of this epic extravaganza!

Man of Plastic!
DWM catches a word or three with Arthur Darvill, the man who plays Amy Pond's husband-to-be, Rory Williams!

The Boy Wonder!
It's been almost three decades since that mathematical genius Adric first stowed away on board the TARDIS. Now DWM tracks down his alter ego, Actor Matthew Waterhouse, for a rare interview!

Beware WOTAN!
There's something peculiar going on at the top of the Post Office Tower! Yes, The War Machines is required... in The Fact of Fiction!

Loony Tunes!
The Doctor and Amy have a song to sing in the new comic strip story, Planet Bollywood! - by Jonathan Morris and Roger Lagridge!

More from Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat in production notes; all the latest news in Gallifrey Guardian; competitions; your letters in Gallifrey Forum - and more!

(Source: Doctor Who Magazine/Facebook)


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