Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest - The Complete Series

The cover and details for upcoming release of the Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest complete box set, containing the five previously released audios featuring Tom Baker as the Doctor and Richard Franklin as Mike Yates.

The Stuff of Nightmares
Captain Mike Yates (retired) responds to an advert in a paper that seems to be specifically directed at him. This leads him to a small cottage in Sussex and a meeting with his old UNIT colleague, the Doctor. Once there, the Doctor tells Yates about his recent fight against a swarm of psychic alien hornets.

The Dead Shoes
The Doctor explains that he tracked the hornets back to 1932, to a pair of ballet slippers in a shop called Cromer’s Palace of Curios.

The Circus of Doom
The Doctor traces the hornets further back in time, to Blandford in 1832. To The Circus of Delights.

A Sting in the Tale
The Doctor finally finds the earliest infestation of the hornets, a medieval nunnery, besieged by angry dogs.

Hive of Horror
Yates and the Doctor make their final confrontation with the queen of the hive.

The item is due for release on 2 September at the RRP of £50.00. Click HERE to pre-order from BBC Shop.


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