Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Constellation Awards 2010

Canada's annual science fiction awards, the Constellations, have recently taken place. Doctor Who and Torchwood were nominated in several categories.

David Tennant won 'Best Male Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode' for his portrayal as the Doctor in 'The Waters of Mars', with 23% of the vote. Gareth David Lloyd, who played Ianto Jones in Torchwood, came fifth, gaining 8% of the vote.

Michelle Ryan, who played Christiana in the Doctor Who 2009 Easter special 'Planet of the Dead', came fourth in the 'Best Female Performance in a 2009 Science Fiction Television Episode', with 13% of the vote.

Torchwood: Children of Earth came third in the 'Best Overall 2009 Science Fiction Film or Television Script', with 20% of the vote.

(Source: The Doctor Who News Page)


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