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Torchwood Magazine Issue 22

The cover and details for the latest issue of Torchwood Magazine.The official magazine for the series includes an exclusive interview with the show's creator, Russell T Davies; a comic strip written by Gareth David-Lloyd and much, much more...

Torchwood magazine #22 On Sale Now!
Check out the latest action-packed edition of Torchwood magazine for all the latest news and gossip from the Hub! Our exclusive interview with Russell T Davies discloses more about the new series, plus read all about fan events, discover if you’re man (or woman!) enough to be Captain Jack, and much more! Read on for all the details.

Russell T Davies reveals new series!
At long last Torchwood magazine can unveil details about the brand new series to the show’s ardent followers. In the latest issue's interview, Russell T Davies reveals his excitement about series four, declaring that it ‘isn’t a reboot or a different version of Torchwood. It’s the same show, with the same continuity, moving on to the next phase. [...] The danger facing them is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.’

Never get lost in the hub again!
When the Torchwood Hub was built in 2006, it was the most ambitious set ever built by BBC Wales. After the Hub’s destruction in ‘Children of Earth,’ the set was dismantled for the new series of Doctor Who and gone forever. Now, for the first time, Torchwood magazine gives you access to as yet unpublished plans of the Hub, drawn by Ben Austin.

Tom Price’s fan event diary of Hub 4!
In April of this year, Tom Price (Torchwood's PC Andy) joined his fellow Torchwood stars at the Hub 4, a three-day fan event held in Northampton. He kept a diary of the event for Torchwood magazine, which is published in the latest issue. Read about the wall-to-wall fancy dress and the fans who are ‘drunk on Torchwood’, as well as remote controlled daleks and fans who have dressed up teddy bears like Torchwood characters! Tom also reflects on the stoicism of the Torchwood following, describing how the show is essentially the fans’ ‘baby’, and that they will come by road, rail, sea or air to immerse themselves in it.

Have you got what it takes for Torchwood?
You’ve seen Captain Jack in action, saving the day and leading the team, but have you ever wondered how you would cope in his place? Torchwood magazine presents an exclusive decision making ‘training simulator’ that allows the participant to take Captain Jack's place and make decisions on his behalf. Are you the leader or are you the led? Will you choose to stand and fight or sneak past the danger? Are you more inclined to think or to do? Find out all this and more in the latest issue's all action simulator.

New and exclusive Torchwood stories!
Gareth David Lloyd’s sensational comic story Shrouded concludes in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine, with part two featuring artwork from Pia Guerra. Find out what the mysterious Mairwyn has in store for Ianto Jones! There are also two short stories: The Package by James Goss, with art by Ben Willsher, and Rare Earth by Kate Orman, with art by Mike Dowling. Plus, find out the results of Take Over Torchwood and read three brilliant short stories by fans of the show, as chosen by our expert panel.

(Source: Titan Magazines)


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