Saturday, June 26, 2010

Portal Award Nominations 2010

Doctor Who and Torchwood have received a number of nominations in this year's Portal Awards.

David Tennant has been nominated in the 'BEST ACTOR/Television' category for his role as 'the Doctor' in Doctor Who, alongside John Barrowman for his role as 'Captain Jack' in Torchwood.

Karen Gillan has received a nomination in the 'BEST ACTRESS/Television' category for her role as 'Amy Pond' in Doctor Who, along with Eve Myles for her role as 'Gwen Cooper' in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Bernard Cribbins is nominated in the 'BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR/Television' category for his role as 'Wilfred Mott' in Doctor Who.

Doctor Who: The End of Time, along with Torchwood: Children of Earth are both nominated in the BEST EPISODE/Television category.

Alex Kingston is nominated in the 'BEST SPECIAL GUEST/Television' category, for her role as 'River Song' in Doctor Who: The Time of Angels.

Doctor Who and Torchwood are both nominated for the 'BEST SERIES/Television' award.

Russell T Davies is up for the 'GENE RODDENBERRY AWARD' for his work on Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Voting will remain open until 25th July 2010. Click HERE to vote.


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