Saturday, June 19, 2010

Doctor Who - Most-requested on BBC iPlayer in May

The BBC have revealed that the four episodes of Doctor Who which premiered in May were the top four most requested programmes on the BBC iPlayer.

Amy's Choice was on top with 1,372,000 requests; Flesh And Stone came in at number two with 1,267,000; The Vampires of Venice came in at number three with 1,199,000 and The Hungry Earth was at number four with 1,074,000. Cold Blood was at number 8 based on the requests for the last two days of the month.

Doctor Who was the only show to have 1 million streams/downloads.

Episode 1, The Eleventh Hour, is currently the most requested programme ever on the iPlayer.

(Sources: GallifreyNewsBase / BBCiStats)


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