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Doctor Who: The Big Bang - Reviews

Many fans seem to have mixed views on the series finale, so let's take a look at some spoiler filled reviews for 'The Big Bang'...

Having set up things so magnificently last week, it was a bit of a shock to see Steven Moffat take something of a swerve with the opening this time round, as we went back to the fairytale-like story of Amelia Pond, but the opening of the Pandorica to reveal Amy was certainly a startling surprise to end the pre-credits sequence.

Guardian (Blog)
This finale was brilliant – a classic modern fairytale unfolding before our eyes.

 TV Overmind
When you look at the brilliant darkness of "The Pandorica Opens," you're filled with despair about the fate of the Doctor and his companions. The Doctor was locked inside a giant box, Amy was shot fatally by plastic Rory, and River was trapped inside an exploding TARDIS. How could any of them have a happy ending?

Unreality Shout (blog)
It's 26-06-2010, the day the universe ends. Or something. But back in 102AD, Rory is a plastic Roman, Amy is seemingly dead, The Doctor is trapped in a prison inspired by Pandora's Box. Oh yeah, and the TARDIS has exploded with River Song trapped inside. Women drivers, eh? (rolls eyes)

Hands up who expected the second part of this year’s Who finale to play out like that? Having gathered together the Doctor’s greatest enemies in the ultimate legion of doom last week, part two ditches them almost completely – aside from some very creepy petrified Daleks – in favour of a personal, intimate drama with some very, very high stakes.

Den of Geek
Perhaps we’d all better start by sitting down. For if you were awaiting a simple, easy-to-explain blockbuster of a Doctor Who series finale, you simply didn’t get it here. Instead, if you were looking for something really very ambitious, often quite confusing, yet ultimately far more satisfying, then The Big Bang absolutely hit the mark. Warts and all.


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