Saturday, June 26, 2010

Coming Soon...

The latest series of Doctor Who concluded earlier tonight, but fear not as the official Doctor Who website will be bringing us some exclusive extra material over the next few months which keep us Doctor Who hungry fans going until the show returns to our screens at Christmas!

We've got some fantastic material coming very soon, from Adventure Games that will have you engrossed for hours, to jigsaws that will frustrate you for a few minutes! We'll have more exclusive videos, galleries, our regular Step Back in Time feature and of course, the latest news and up-to-date features.

In the weeks ahead we'll bring you a new adventure featuring Karen Gillan as Amy Pond that is definitely unmissable. We'll have lots more of the Doctor's enemies on the monster pages plus brand new Monster Files.

Next week there'll be the final Big Questions of the series with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan spilling the beans on matters relating to The Big Bang... like would they ever consider getting married!

Take your seat at BAFTA as we bring you the Q&A that took place there with a panel that included Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill or if Adventure Games are more your thing you can visit City of the Daleks and play Blood of the Cybermen. And we've more of them coming in the months ahead...

Next week we'll be asking you to tell us what your favourite moments and monsters were from the past 13 episodes. What was your fave adventure and which of the Doctor and Amy's friends came number one with you? We hope you'll join in and send us your thoughts on the Eleventh Doctor's travels to date.

There's a TARDIS-load of material coming your way, so see you soon!

(Source: BBC Doctor Who)


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