Friday, May 7, 2010

Doctor Who in SFX issue 196

Doctor Who's Amy Pond is the cover star on this month's issue of SFX magazine. The sci-fi and fantasy magazine has an interview with Amy herself, aka Karen Gillan, as part of their look at feisty females in British sci-fi today.

Who’s In Charge
Hmm, has anyone else noticed the brilliant female roles in some of our favourite British Sci-fi shows at the moment? Well we did so we only went and interviewed six of the best from the likes of Doctor Who, Merlin, Misfits and Being Human. Boys, who needs ‘em?

Retro Features
Take the TARDIS back to 1963 for a timely look at Jason And The Argonauts and we dissect Blade Runner (at the request of our guest editor) in the latest Anatomy Of A Classic.

Wishlist: The Sarah Jane Adventures Season Four – the Slitheen might be back, but so are Russell T Davies and Matt Smith!

Spoiler Zone: Doctor Who! Lost! Ashes To Ashes! Caprica!Supernatural! Fringe! All feel the love. Ghost Whisperer and V on the other hand…

Want to know what poor old Ianto Jones, Gareth David-Lloyd, has been up to since the pesky 456 got their mits on him (apart from appearing at the SFX Weekender of course)? The Casimir Effect, there we just went and blurted it out.

It’s been a long time coming but there’s finally a Doctor Who videogame on the way we can actually look forward to. With proper writers and everything! Find out the first details inside.

SFX issue 196 is on sale now.

(Source: SFX)


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