Sunday, May 2, 2010

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 164 - Cover & Info

The cover and details for this week's issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine.

This week's monster mag is crawling with Weeping Angels and comes with a terrifying Angel mask that you can scare your mates with!

Don't miss our top moments from The Time of Angels, hilarious bits from the Eleventh Doctor's first adventure (involving a lot of food he can't stand) and sneaky secrets about next week's episode.

Also, get the lowdown on the new Doctor Who Adventure Games, take our Dalek quiz and enter our exclusive competition to become the editor of Doctor Who Adventures for the day - it's the best job in the universe!

All this, plus an amazingly scary FREE Weeping Angel mask.

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 164, is out now!

(Source: Doctor Who Adventures)


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