Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nick Briggs speaks!

The voice of the Daleks, aka Nick Briggs, has given an interview to Digital Spy at the recent launch of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games.

Was it strange recording polite lines for the Daleks in 'Victory of the Daleks'?
"I always think it's fun doing lines that aren't typical Dalek lines. Equally, it's an extra challenge. Of course I was also doing it with the idea that the Daleks were out there to fool people, so that kind of sticks in their throat as they were asking people if they would like a cup of tea! I had a really nasty expression on my face as I said it politely."

How did you feel when you found out about the race of superior Daleks?
"It's quite exciting, isn't it? It wasn't until the first day of shooting, with the scene set in the spaceship – which was the inside of a cigar factory, and impossibly hot – where I suddenly thought that they should have a different kind of voice, but still sounding essentially like Daleks. I spoke to the director about how I should voice the Dalek Supreme, and he said 'very gruff and deep', so I did a much more guttural voice than I've ever done vocally, something which hurt my throat. And also I altered the ring modulation, adding some low frequency osculation. So there's a new setting for the new Daleks. They're even more electronic sounding, actually."

CLICK HERE (possible spoilers) to read the full interview.


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