Saturday, April 3, 2010

Matt Smith Interviews

Both The Times and BBC News have recently published interviews with the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, online.

Extract from The Times' interview:
“That, to me, is theatre, pure theatre!” Matt Smith is on one of his favourite subjects: football, specifically Stuart Pearce’s penalty against Spain at Euro ’96. Before he became the eleventh star of Doctor Who, Smith was a useful schoolboy centre back for Nottingham Forest and Leicester City, and he has spotted a parallel between his profession and Pearce’s: “Guts and courage and everything that’s brilliant about art, he had in that moment.”

Click here to read the full interview on Times Online.

Extract from BBC News' interview:
"I wrote loads of stories about the Doctor and Einstein in Egypt - that's how the pyramids were created," Smith explains excitedly.

"I had six months, and it was the only way that I could get in contact with the Doctor. I always picture Einstein like this..."

Click here to read the full interview at BBC News.


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