Friday, April 23, 2010

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 163 - Cover & Details

The cover and details for this week's issue of Doctor Who Adventures, which is on sale until 28th April 2010 at the regular price of £2.10.

This week the Daleks invade Doctor Who Adventures magazine. We go behind the scenes and meet the new Daleks for the first time, and have an in depth look at Victory of the Daleks. There’s also free Dalek stationery and a Supreme Dalek poster!

In this week’s diary Matt Smith reveals all about the new Daleks.

Find out what menacing Doctor Who monster returns this week and which old friend the Doctor is reunited with, too.

All this, and…
Four fantastic posters
Brand-new comic adventure for the Doctor and Amy
Subscription offer - subscribe today and get a FREE Monster Book!


The Doctor...

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