Friday, March 12, 2010

Nikki Smith talks SJA

The new executive producer of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Nikki Smith, has recently given a exclusive interview to Digital Spy. She talks about the fourth series of the show which has recently been commissioned by the BBC.

In series four the team will be meeting the Nightmare Man and the Shansheeth. What more can you tell us?
"The Nightmare Man is part of a really big emotional journey for Luke which involves him facing his fears and excitement about the future. The Shansheeth are vulture undertakers who get embroiled with the gang on a big adventure for the middle of the series."

Also the group will be visiting an alien world for the first time - will that be difficult production-wise?
"It's part of a bigger episode - we're not setting a whole two episodes on an adventure off Earth so it's fairly containable. With Sarah Jane it's very much rooted in contemporary London and Bannerman Road will always be the heart of the show. We're not Doctor Who so we don't go flying off around the universe but this is an opportunity for us to get a glimpse of that."

Click here to read the full interview.


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