Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Matt Smith on 'Gay Times' Magazine Cover

Matt Smith is the cover star on this month's issue of Gay Times magazine. The magazine includes interviews with the Doctor himself, Matt Smith, his new companion Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Arthur Darvill (Rory), Alex Kingston (River Song), Steven Moffat (Head Writer/Executive Producer), Piers Wenger (Executive Producer) Ray Holman (Costume Designer), Mark Gatiss (Writer, Episode 3) and Gareth Roberts (Writer, Episode 11).

Extract from Matt Smith's interview:
What’s gorgeous about it is that I get to sort of confess to my imagination every day. So I get to play around in a mad, imaginary world every day, which is limitless and timeless, and endless and boundless. You know, that is as close as you get to sort of magic really, I suppose, in many ways.

Extract from Steven Moffat's interview:
“The thing is, right, I’ll take Patrick Moore, fine. But I definitely haven’t got an underwear model’s body, no way, not on this schedule. All my gym’s gone out the window. God no, I take that as a gross over-compliment to be honest. And also! When the hell has Steven Moffat seen me in my pants alone?”

The magazine is on sale from today at the price of £3.85.

(Source: Gallifrey News Base)


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