Monday, March 8, 2010

James Marsters talks Torchwood

In a recent interview with iF Magazine, James Marsters has said that he has not ruled out a return to Torchwood in the role of 'Captain John Hart'.

iF: There are rumors of a U.S. TORCHWOOD project .Has anybody talked to you about the possibility of you reprising/recreating your Captain John character in that?

MARSTERS: I don’t think they’ve talked to me yet because they know that I’d come within seconds. I love it. I would come so fast to that project. I mean, if they do anything more in England, I would come to that. I understand they do some of their scripts on radio, specifically for radio, I’d love to do that for the BBC. I’d love to do an American version, all of it.

Marsters was last seen in the show back in 2008 in the the Series 2 finale 'Exit Wounds'. A fourth series of Torchwood has not yet been commissioned but Russell T Davies is reportedly working on an American version.

(Source: iF Magazine)


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