Thursday, March 4, 2010

Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles - The Emperor Of Eternity (Big Finish)

This latest Doctor Who audio adventure from Big Finish productions features the Second Doctor, Jamie and Victoria with narration from Deborah Watling and Frazer Hines. The CD is written by Nigel Robinson and has an approximate running time of 60 minutes.

A new adventure with the Second Doctor, as told by his companions, Victoria and Jamie.

After colliding with a meteor in space, the TARDIS is forced to make an emergency landing on Earth. The place is China around 200 BC, during the reign of the first emperor, Chin. When the Doctor is taken away to the imperial city, it's up to Victoria and Jamie to save him. Their friend is now a prisoner of Chin, who intends to extract the secret of eternal life, so that he may rule the world forever...

Featuring two classic series companions: Deborah Watling returns to the role of Victoria and Frazer Hines returns to the role of Jamie, both companions of the Second Doctor.

An all new story with specially composed music and cinematic sound design.

The CD is due for release on 31st March 2010 at the RRP of £8.99.

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