Monday, March 8, 2010

Doctor Who: City of Spires (Big Finish)

This latest Doctor Who audio adventure from Big Finish productions is written by Simon Bovey features the Sixth Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon with narration from Colin Baker, Frazer Hines and Georgia Moffet.

Arriving in a hail of musket fire, the Doctor unexpectedly finds himself in the highlands of Scotland, where the ruthless Black Donald and his band of rebels are fighting the Redcoats. But the highland warriors no longer fight for the Jacobite cause and the English officers answer only to the mysterious Overlord. What has happened to Scotland and why are its moors littered with advanced, oilpumping technology?

Reunited with his faithful companion Jamie McCrimmon, the Doctor must venture into the sinister City of Spires to find the answers. But standing in his way is the deadly Red Cap...

All new audio drama performed by a full cast with specially composed music and cinematic sound design.

Starring Colin Baker, who played the Sixth Doctor in the original television series and Frazer Hines, who recreates the role of Jamie, which he played alongside the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton. Also featuring Georgia Moffett (New Doctor Who, Casualty, Spooks: Code 9, Merlin) and Russell Floyd (Eastenders, The Bill).

The CD is due for release on 30th April 2010 at the RRP of £14.99. Click here to pre-order the item from


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