Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Matt Smith And Karen Gillan Attend BBC Showcase

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan attended the BBC Showcase in Brighton to promote Doctor Who yesterday. At the event, it was announced that Doctor Who has now been sold to over 50 countries in the world, as well as achieving the number one spot on iTunes in the USA last year. Also, the programme was within the top two imported programmes for South Korea for July 08/June09, and was within the top 5 selling programmes for BBC Worldwide in 2008/09.

Gareth David-Lloyd was also there to promote Torchwood, which BBC Worldwide announced has been sold to 37 broadcasters worldwide and can be seen in countries as far flung as Turkey and Taiwan, Albania and Australia, Iceland and India.

"Our sci-fi content offers pure escapism for the viewer, perhaps more so than any other genre – this is exactly what people are looking for in troubled times. British sci-fi’s on a role and there’s a real hunger out there for more," commented Steve Macallister, Managing Director, Sales and Distribution, BBC Worldwide.

(Source: BBC Press Office)


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