Thursday, February 4, 2010

Doctor Who Series Five Guest Stars Confirmed

In the latest issue of Dcotor Who Magazine, the head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat has confirmed a number of guest stars who will appear in the next series of Doctor Who.

Arthur Darvill (Little Dorrit) is guest starring in Episode 1 ('The Eleventh Hour') as Amy Pond's (Karen Gillan) boyfriend, Rory.

Sophie Okonedo is guest starring in Episode 2 ('The Beast Below) as 'the mysterious masked lady'.

Scottish actor Bill Paterson who is currently playing 'George Castle' in Law and Order: UK alongside Freema Agyeman is guest starring in Episode 3 ('Victory of the Daleks') as 'Bracewell'.

Ian McNeice is also guest starring in Episode 3 as Winston Churchill!

Finally, Moffat has also confirmed that Tony Curran is guest starring in Episode 10 as Vincent Van Gogh.

Doctor Who Magazine issue 418 is out now!


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