Friday, December 18, 2009

Torchwood Magazine Issue 19 - Cover & Details

The latest issue of Torchwod Magazine, issue 19, was published yeaterday at the price of £4.99. The cover and info can be seen here.

Baby Boom – Eve Myles “I’ve always wanted a baby. Ever since I was a little girl. I used to put our dog in a dress and wheel it around the neighbourhood in a big old-fashioned pram.” – Eve Myles Torchwood and Eve Myles both got bigger in 2009, with Eve expecting her first child, and Children of Earth winning huge ratings on BBC One. In the latest issue, we bring you a bumper-sized interview with the then bumper-sized star (we caught up with Eve in the final weeks of her pregnancy). Congratulations to Eve and her partner Bradley on the birth of their first child Matilda!

Estate of the Nation
– Rhodri Lewis & Katy Wix Our coverage of the trailblazing Children of Earth continues in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine. Actors Rhodri Lewis and Katy Wix talk about carrying the hopes of protective parents everywhere as Johnny and Rhiannon, whose tooth and claw defence of their children was a microcosm of the threat faced around the world. Plus, we talk to actor Ian Gelder about playing Children of Earth’s most mysterious man from the ministry, Mr. Dekker.

The Beast Master – Murray Melvin
Having appeared in two episodes of the show, villain Bilis Manger has had a productive afterlife in the expanded Torchwood universe. He made an appearance in Gary Russell’s novel The Twilight Streets, and has also been a central villain in Torchwood magazine’s very own comic strip Broken. In the latest issue, we meet Murray Melvin, the veteran actor who made his mark on Torchwood when he sent Jack back to meet the real Captain Harkness, murdered Rhys and even raised the great beast Abaddon!

(Source: Titan Magazines)


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