Monday, November 2, 2009

Steven Moffat On The Future Of Doctor Who

Digital Spy have a report from the annual Screenwriters' Festival in Cheltenham in which the new showrunner of Doctor Who, Steven Moffat, gave an interview on the future of the show.

In the interview, Moffat claimed once again that Matt Smith will be 'the best' and he also revealed that he will be writing 6 episodes of the next series, including episode 13, which he is currently working on. Part of the interview can be read below;

8pm: Given the fact that everything is tipity toppity secret squirrel on Who, BC wonders whether this has driven the production away from locations where they are surrounded by fans and paps and into the studio. SM thinks this would be ridiculous. "I remember when The Sun got hold of my ‘Library’ script before it had aired and threatened to publish it. I just said ‘let them’ – I’d like to see The Sun publish that many words in a day!"

8.05pm: SM talks about casting Matt Smith in the role of The Doctor. "We originally said that it needed to be somebody in their mid 30s or 40s and he’s just 26! He was the third person we auditioned and we knew then that we had found our man. Andy Pryor, our casting director, should get a mention here. He’s the one who draws up the list and makes suggestions."

8.07pm: BC asks how SM would describe Matt Smith’s Doctor. "He’s the best one of course! In a new, different, strange way. Considering he’s so young he comes across as surprisingly ancient. He’s not going to be the youthful doctor that people might expect – he’s a proper grown-up. The Doctor has to be played not just by someone with great acting ability but someone who you can’t take your eyes off and you can’t take your eyes off Matt Smith when he walks into a room. His presence just screams ‘alpha male’ – but in a really odd way. If he walked through here now you would immediately get it. He walks like a drunk giraffe!"

Click here to read the full interview on Digital Spy.


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