Saturday, November 21, 2009

Doctor Who: Dreamland Starts Today

The long awaited Doctor Who animation, Dreamland, starring David Tennant as the Doctor and Georgia Moffatt as Cassie Rice starts today at 4.00pm on the BBC's Red Button service and the official BBC Doctor Who site.

The series consists of six episodes which will be released from today until Thursday 26th November. All 6 episodes will then be shown as one episode on BBC 2 on 5th December.

Synopsis for today's episode;
Dry Springs, Nevada, 1958. The Doctor befriends a young waitress, Cassie, and her friend, Jimmy, at a diner. The Doctor activates an alien artefact and, after finding further signs of alien activity, the US Army intervenes and takes him and his new companions to the mysterious Area 51 in Roswell, where they find out about Operation Fallen Angel. Will Operation leader Colonel Stark succeed in making the curious trio forget what they have just seen?

Official Dreamland Homepage.


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