Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheryl Cole in Doctor Who?

The Mirror are reporting that Girls Aloud member and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is being lined up for a role in Doctor Who.

According to the tabloid, 'BBC bosses' want to get her into the show with an unnamed 'insider' quoted as saying: "If she can find the time, a part will be written for her."

As we all know, The Mirror is not the most reliable source for news, so I wouldn't take it too seriously until it is confirmed by an official source. An example of The Mirror's past Doctor Who rumours can be read here, when they reported that all surviving Doctors, including Matt Smith, will be reunited in an episode for Children in Need - this isn't happening!

Back in August, New! Magazine also claimed that one of Cheryl Cole's fellow band members, Sarah Harding, will be appearing in the series.


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