Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Torchwood Magazine Issue 18 - Cover & Info

Gareth David-Lloyd is going online for his latest project, Girl Number 9, created exclusively for the internet by Torchwood writer James Moran (Sleeper, Children of Earth Day Three). The dark thriller plays out over six five-minute instalments, and sees David-Lloyd take on the role of Matheson, a detective leading the investigation into a series of brutal murders. Girl Number 9 premieres online on 30 October at 9pm. For more information, visit the website.

The full story appears in the latest issue’s comprehensive news section, The Hub. Torchwood magazine issue 18 is on sale now – check out this page for the full lowdown on what’s inside.

Jack’s in the dock!
Our coverage of the trailblazing Children of Earth continues in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine, as we put the key players on trial. We all asked ourselves what we would do in a similar situation to Jack, John Frobisher or the elected MPs? Who made the right decisions? Indeed, is there such a thing as a ‘right’ decision in such a complex situation? You can join the debate on our Facebook page, or email us your views at torchwood@titanemail.com.
Plus, don’t miss the second part of archivist Andrew Pixley’s exhaustive dissection of Children of Earth. It’s the ultimate survey of 77 long days on the Torchwood set.
Rhys on Earth – Kai Owen

“Rhys just wants to make sure Gwen’s safe, and then go home for a cup of tea!” – Kai Owen

As Gwen’s loving husband Rhys, Kai Owen is the everyman at the heart of Children of Earth. We quiz the actor about his big role in the mini-series in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine, and find out why Rhys is set to run and run…
To find out more about Kai’s charity runs and convention appearances, visit his official website.
New Torchwood fiction

Torchwood magazine brings you amazing original fiction and comic strip stories in every issue. This time around, Children of Earth writer James Moran gets high with airborne adventure Stakes on a Plane, and unseasonal snowfall heralds the start of an Antarctic adventure for PC Andy and the Torchwood team in David Llewellyn’s I May Be Some Time. Meanwhile, it’s part four of comic adventure Broken, written by Nick Abadzis and illustrated by Paul Grist. Can Captain Jack and his team escape in time?

Torchwood magazine issue 18 is on sale now – check out this page for the full lowdown on what’s inside.

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