Sunday, October 18, 2009

SJA Prisoner of the Judoon Unofficial Ratings

Unofficial overnight ratings for The Sarah Jane Adventures - Prisoner of the Judoon - Part 1, which was broadcast on Thursday, 4.35pm, BBC One, achieved a rating of 0.6 million viewers. It was watched by 5.9% of the TV audience at that time, and an additional 400,000 viewers watched the simulcast HD version on the BBC HD Channel. The CBBC programme Smart, which was broadcast at the same time the previous week only had a rating of 0.4 million.

Unofficial ratings of the second part of this story, which was broadcast at the same time on Friday, had a rating of 0.7 million viewers. The audience share also increased with 7.2% of the viewers. The CBBC programme Hotel Trubble, which was broadcast at the same time the previous week, only had a rating of 0.3 million.

Final figures will be released by BARB in two weeks and will include viewers who recorded the programme and watched it later.

(Source: The Doctor Who News Page)


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