Saturday, October 3, 2009

Paul McGann Return Unlikely

Despite the rumors of his return, Paul McGann has insisted that there are currently no plans for his return. The actor, who played the Eighth Doctor once for the 1996 TV Movie, has said that he has had no contact with the BBC, Russell T Davies or Steven Moffat for a possible reunion. When the show was brought back in 2005, Russell T Davies wanted a new actor for the role, and said that the show couldn't possibly be relaunched with a old Doctor.

McGann has never watched current Doctor David Tennant in the role and has said the following: "It's highly unlikely, because since I walked off that set in 1996, no one's ever called me, I've never met these people, I've never been down to Cardiff and met what's his face, Russell T Davies (who masterminded Doctor Who's revival)."

What with Doctor Who's 50th anniversary approaching in 2013, I'm hopeful that Paul McGann will reprise the role for a special to celebrate the event! Pick up the phone Moffat!

(Source: Telegraph)


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