Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Doctor Who - SFX Issue 189

The latest issue of SFX takes a look at the upcoming Doctor Who special - The Waters of Mars and David Tennant's appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures. It also includes exclusive interviews with David Tennant and Russell T Davies. The cover for issue 189 can be seen above, and the details can be read below;

The Beginning Of The End For Doctor Who In The Waters of Mars
With just three TV specials left for the tenth Doctor we speak exclusively to star David Tennant and writer Russell T Davies about the show’s global success, coming to terms with regeneration and the scariest Who monsters yet in The Waters Of Mars.

Plus! Tennant Stars In The Sarah Jane Adventures
We go on-set for an in-depth look at the new series of The Sarah Jane Adventures and catch a glimpse of the tenth doctor as the TARDIS drops into Sarah Jane’s attic. Lis Sladen's going to be at our SFX Weekender by the way. Oh yes.

SFX issue 189 is out now!

(Source: SFX)

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