Sunday, October 4, 2009

Doctor Who Series Five Announcement?

A member of the Digital Spy forum claims that there will be an announcement about the fifth series of Doctor Who next week which stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. The post claims that it will include a new logo for the series, and is likely to include more info about the first episode of the series which is currently being filmed in Cardiff. The post can be read below;

Just a quick heads up to say that I've heard from a very reliable source that there will be an announcement relating to series five next week which should include the reveal of the new Doctor Who logo for series five Also (big spoiler): spoiler: The first episode of series five begins with The Doctor crash landing the TARDIS in a village called Leadworth. He steps out, wearing the tenth doctor's brown suit (which is wrecked, by this point) and the interior of the TARDIS has been destroyed due to an explosion which occurs in "The End of Time", caused by The Doctor attempting to close a warp hole in time and space.

If there is to be an announcement in the next week as this post claims, it is likely to be on the BBC Press Office.

(Source: Digital Spy Forum)


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