Thursday, October 1, 2009

Doctor Who Filming Row

The fifth series of Doctor Who is currently being filmed Llandaff's Cathedral Green, and the owner of a local bookstore on the high street, Pete Hall, is objecting to the filming saying:

“We received a letter from the location manager late last week informing us that they are setting up and filming on the village green for an entire week and will be restricting parking between 8am and 7pm at night. “When I read it my heart sank. “As a small shop fighting for our very existence due to the difficult economic climate, the thought of all those outdoor vehicles blocking our already choked traffic system and frightening our customers away is too much to bear. “Traders here do their very best to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to entice the public to brave the traffic problems in the area and visit us, so this feels like the last straw.”

“It is our 30th anniversary in the book trade soon but sadly I cannot see us celebrating 31 years next year. “I suggest that the next time the BBC makes a decision to produce a drama in a busy city area like this, they should spare a thought for self-employed and stressed shopkeepers who are working hard to serve our customers and stay in business.”

In response, a BBC spokesperson said:
“We regularly film on location around Wales and take great care to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. “We realise that filming sometimes causes inconvenience for people locally and we very much appreciate the support we get when we are on location.”

I completely understand what this bloke is saying, but does he not realise that he's lucky enough to have the greatest show in the world filmed on his own doorstep? If anything, the bookshop would certainly benefit from the filming in both the short and long term!

(Source: Wales Online)

(Picture: Alun Vega)


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