Friday, October 23, 2009

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 138 - Cover & Info

Happy Halloween from Doctor Who Adventures!
Weeping Angel mask and claws with this week’s issue…

Be afraid, be very afraid, as this week’s Doctor Who Adventures magazine is the scariest issue yet.

The bumper Halloween pack takes a look at scary scenes to come in the next Doctor Who special, to be shown on BBC One soon, and comes with a Weeping Angel monster mask and claws to help make your Halloween party a screaming success.

Other features in this week’s issue that will have you hiding behind the sofa:

* Top 10 moments that make you jump!
* Weeping Angels fact file.
* A look at the next Sarah Jane Adventures episode.
* Quiz – How well do you know the scariest Doctor Who monsters?

Issue 138 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine is out today, Thursday 22 October, price £2.99!


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