Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Finish Doctor Who Audios On BBC Radio 7

Big Finish Doctor Who audios will air on BBC Radio 7 all this week, starting today with Blood of the Daleks. Times and details for the audios can be seen below;

Doctor Who - Blood of the Daleks
Beginning a week of adventures with the intrepid timelord and his new
unexpected and unwilling assistant. Lucie Miller begins to look
forward to visiting her first alien planet, but she has yet to meet the Daleks! Starring Paul McGann, Sheridan Smith, Anita Dobson, Kenneth
Cranham and Nicholas Briggs and written by Steve Lyons, this is a Big
Finish Production.
Monday and Tuesday at 6pm and 12 midnight

Doctor Who - Horror of Glam Rock
The Doctor and Lucie visit the 1970s where the music world is about to
be taken by storm, or is it something more sinister. Written by Paul
Margs and starring Paul McGann, Sheridan Smith, Bernard Cribbins, Una
Stubbs and Stephen Gately.
Wednesday at 6pm and 12 midnight

Doctor Who - Immortal Beloved
The TARDIS materialises on a cliff-edge, much to the surprise of two
young people who are scaling it. Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith are
joined by Ian McNeice, Elspet Gray, Jennifer Higham, Anthony Spargo
and Jake McGann. Written by Jonathan Clements.
Thursday at 6pm and 12 midnight

Doctor Who - Phobos
And another mountain top is the destination for the Doctor and Lucie,
this time it's 2589 and the term 'extreme sport' takes on a new
meaning. Written by Eddie Robson and starring Paul McGann, Sheridan
Smith, Nerys Hughes, Timothy West and Ben Silverstone.
Friday at 6pm and 12 midnight

Beyond the Vortex
After every episode of Doctor Who this week, Radio 7 will be going
behind the scenes to talk to some of those involved in the productions,
including actor Nicholas Briggs and directors Barnaby Edwards and Jason
Monday to Friday at 6.50pm and 12.50am

(Source: TARDIS Newsroom)


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