Friday, August 14, 2009

Doctor Who: Hornets' Nest - The Dead Shoes Cover & Info

Tom Baker reprises the role of the Fourth Doctor in the first of five thrilling brand new audio adventures, with Richard Franklin as Mike Yates. What is so special about a pair of ballet shoes on display in Cromer’s Palace of Curios? When the Doctor meets Ernestina Scott there in 1932, they discover the horrific truth together. The second of five linked stories written by the acclaimed Paul Magrs, The Dead Shoes also features Susan Jameson, Clare Corbett and Christian Rodska.

Contains: 1 CD
Duration: 1 hour
Cast List: Tom Baker, Susan Jameson, Clare Corbett, Christian Rodska.
Author: Paul Magrs
Release Date: 03/09/2009
RRP £9.78
Pre-Order from BBC Shop.


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