Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doctor Who Adventures Issue 128

Looking for yucky monster facts and pictures?

This week’s issue of Doctor Who Adventures is the YUCKIEST ever! There are loads of free stickers of the most hideous things in Doctor Who – everything from revolting Daleks to someone turning into an Ood.

Inside the magazine we look at the ten grossest moments in Doctor Who. Prepare yourself for loads of horrors! And if you like Daleks, check out the fact file about the disgusting ones.

If that’s not enough, the issue comes with a free pot of Dalek slime. Touch the gooey-slimyness if you dare! All this and...

• Brilliant posters!
• A brand-new comic strip
• Captain Jack’s Vortex Manipulator guide
• Take a monster quiz
• Slitheen shocks in a photo story
• Puzzles and competitions – great prizes to be won!
• Subscription offer – subscribe today and get a free Cybermen Collection DVD.

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 128, priced £2.10, is in shops now! It’s so foul, you’ll love it!


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