Wednesday, August 19, 2009

David Harewood Interview

David Harewood who will play Joshua Naismith in The Reign of Nightmares and The End Of Time has been interviewed by Digital Spy. Read and extract of the interview below;

They were David Tennant's final episodes. What was the atmosphere like on set? "I'd say it was very charged - people were in tears. It was the end of a very successful partnership. It was obviously David's last outing, and it was also Russell's last outing and Julie Gardner's last outing. So everyone was saying goodbye to what had been a very successful partnership."

How secretive was the plot kept? Were you privvy to the part of the script with his final scene?
"No - we only got four pages, so most of us didn't get to see. I think we'll all be checking in on Christmas Day!"

Read the full interview here.


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