Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 in Pre-Production

Executive producer of The Sarah Jane Adventures, Russell T Davies, has told Doctor Who Magazine that early pre-production on has started on the fourth series.

RTD tells DWM 411: "While we've yet to dot the i's and cross the t's, early pre-production work on a fourth series of SJA has begun in earnest. We've had a meeting with all the writers - with some new names in the mix - and storylines are already being prepared. And they're excellent stuff - I think there's some amazing stories yet to be told! We've got some huge support from CBBC, which is hugely appreciated, so all being well, we should be able to make a definite announcement soon - proving what we've always known: Sarah Jane Smith is unstoppable! But as always, it's a testament to Liz, Tommy, Daniel and Anijil that the programme is held in such high regard both within the BBC, and by the viewing public."

Filming on the third series of SJA finished last week. DWM 411 is out now.


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