Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Julie Gardner on Torchwood Series 4

In an interview with io9 Julie Gardner has revealed more details about the next series of Torchwood which has not yet been commissioned by the BBC.

An extract from the interview:

She says the BBC will fully try to top the current season of Torchwood, assuming it actually returns in 2010. That's "part of the fun, and part of the adrenaline rush of working in TV drama." She adds, "The joy, for me, with Torchwood, is that it's a show that, every single years, has reinvented itself." That's certainly true with the new format of a five-part miniseries airing across five consecutive nights, which Jane Trantor suggested and Russell T. Davies found an exciting challenge.

We're kind of having conversations now, about what the next step is, because I do think it's fun working on a show that reinvents itself constantly. We're looking at all of this, whether another serial arc, or possibly something else.

As to whether series four will show the Torchwood team rebuilding after the challenging events of "Children Of Earth," she says "You go where the story needs to take you. I think it's always possible to rebuild."

Read the full interview here.


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