Sunday, July 26, 2009

David Tennant and Julie Gardner Interview

In an interview with io9, David Tennant and Julie Gardner have confirmed a few things. Firstly, that a Doctor Who Movie will not be announced at Comic Con. And secondly that John Simm and Timothy Dalton will be in the final two Doctor Who specials.

An extract from the interview: And Tennant admitted for the first time that season three's villiain, John Simm really is coming back. And Timothy Dalton is also guest-starring, as we already pretty much knew. "Bloody hell, Timothy Dalton," he says. "Such enthusiasm to be there." "What a voice that man has," says Gardner. And Wilf (Bernard Cribbins) plays a "huge and fundamental part" in Tennant's final episodes, and brings "such humanity" to the role, says Tennant.

Read the full interview here.


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