Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Torchwood Magazine Issue 16

Torchwood magazine returns for the last time before Children of Earth finally hits our television screens in July! We whet the appetite for the new series in the latest issue with more sensational coverage – check out this page for all the info!

John, Eve & Gareth on the new series
As Torchwood: Children of Earth gets ever closer, read what the stars of the show – John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd – have to say about the eagerly-anticipated new series! Still, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the latest issue’s essential coverage of the show, as we bring you the second part of an exclusive photo collection direct from the set! Plus, find out what alien terrors lurk beneath the heavily guarded doors of Floor 13 in Children of Earth, as Torchwood magazine’s man on the inside makes a break from the gargantuan set with an exclusive production report!

Radio Time!
Following the success of Lost Souls, the one-off Torchwood adventure broadcast on Radio 4 last year, the Torchwood cast has been back in the studio to record three new audio adventures! The three plays are Asylum by Anita Sullivan, Golden Age by James Goss, and The Dead Line by Phil Ford. In the latest issue, Torchwood magazine editor Simon Hugo visits the studio to get the lowdown on the plays, and finds stories that span continents and concepts in ways that most TV shows can only dream of.

They Keep Killing Suzie
Torchwood magazine continues to look back at series one of the show with a unique guide to They Keep Killing Suzie. If the title rings a bell, that’s because it’s a riff on The Avengers story title, They Keep Killing Steed, in which the diabolical mastermind of the week tries to infiltrate a peace conference with doubles of John Steed. Plus, we interview one of the episode’s guest stars about the Torchwood experience – after playing a talking tree in Doctor Who, Yasmin Bannerman gave a memorable performance in They Keep Killing Suzie as the sharp-tongued Detective Swanson.

Published on 25th June 2009.


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