Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Remembrance of the Daleks Special Edition DVD: Cover & Details

2entertain have released the cover and details for the special edition DVD release of Rememberance of the Daleks. This DVD will be reased on 20th July 2009 at the RRP of £19.99.

Remembrance of the Daleks
London, 1963, and the Doctor returns to Coal Hill School with his new companion Ace, where he has unfinished business.

His oldest foes, the Daleks, are on the trail of Time Lord technology – an artefact the Doctor himself left behind on Earth.

Enlisting the assistance of the local military, the Doctor must protect the Gallifrey an secret of time travel as two opposing Dalek factions meet in an explosive confrontation -
with the fate of the entire Universe at stake!

Commentary: by Sylvester McCoy (The Doctor) and Sophie Aldred (Ace).

Back to School: Cast and crew talk about the making of the story, accompanied by rare behind-the-scenes material. Featuring Simon Williams (Gilmore), Karen Gledhill (Alison),writer Ben Aaronovitch, script editor Andrew Cartmel and director Andrew Morgan.

Remembrances: Cast and crew discuss the influences and references to other Doctor Who adventures that are spread throughout the story.

Extended and Deleted Scenes: Unused scenes, introduced by Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred.

Outtakes: Bloopers and gaffes from the recording of the story.

Multi-Angle Sequences Digitally remastered picture and sound quality Photo Gallery. Radio Times Billings (DVD-ROM PDFs – PC/Mac).

Production Information Subtitles.

Trailers & Continuity & Isolated Music Track.

5.1 Mix: A new Dolby 5.1 surround mix, specially produced for this DVD.

Davros Connections: An in-depth look at the history of the Daleks’ creator, Davros, as portrayed in both the TV stories from the BBC and in audio adventures from official licensee Big Finish Productions. With actors Terry Molloy, David Gooderson and Peter Miles, audio producer/ director Gary Russell, director Ken Grieve, and writers Eric Saward, Ben Aaronovitch, Gary Hopkins and Joseph Lidster. Narrated by Terry Molloy.


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