Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lewin lands Dr Who role

Comedian Lawry Lewin has landed a part in the two feature length episodes of Dr Who to be aired over Christmas.
Like most of the show, his exact role is being kept top secret, though he will be playing a ‘geeky’ character, Chortle can reveal.
A source said: ‘Details of the storyline are strictly under wraps, obviously, but his character plays a pivotal role in the climactic sequence of events leading to David Tennant’s departure.’
Lewin has previously appeared in Touch Me I’m Karen Taylor and The Life And Times Of Vivienne Vyle – but this will be his first appearance in a straight drama. However, his character is said to provide ‘a bit of a comedy turn’.
The two episodes, in which Tennant will bow out of the Time Lord role to be replaced by 26-year-old Matt Smith, will be aired on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.
Last week, the BBC revealed that 21-year-old Karen Gillan will be the Doctor’s new companion in the 2010 series.


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